What People Are Saying About The Authors and Newman Grace Inc.:

“By providing us with the strategic insights, stunning tools and individualized coaching we needed to achieve our business development goals, they have quickly become indispensable members of our team.”
Karen G., Esq. — Partner

“We are extremely pleased with their work product and the reaction we have received from our clients, friends and other professionals.”
Barry H., Esq. — Partner

“I can think of no advisor who has been as helpful and meaningful as Brian and his firm.”
Michael A. — Principal

“The workshop was immediately useful to me I my business and tax law practice.”
Bill S., Esq.

“I have had the experience of working with many agencies and brand consultancies over the years but in my experience, Brian and his team are tops. They understand the key branding issues quickly and then have the skills to move fast to get those skills turned into actionable marketing programs that help businesses grow. I would strong recommend his company and services.” 
Stuart S. — Chairman 

“Brian and Jerri and their staff really understand how to develop and implement marketing strategies. They also are expert at the important processes to build and retain the best brand for your firm.”
Davis B. — Chairman

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