How Your Website and Email Address Really Do Matter! - Succeed on your own™—Marketing Tips & Systems for attorneys
Believe it or not, we still see this scenario time and time again. Unfortunately.

An attorney or accountant decides to start his or her own firm. Yeah! They are in such a hurry to establish themselves with an email address and Website URL, they just want to nail down a URL that contains the firm name and a quickie email address. Here is the thought process:

"I just need an email address. I know I can get a free one at Gmail or Yahoo. Good. Done... Now I need my URL. Done. I'll get a site built later. I know I can eventually direct my email through my site, etc. etc. etc."

BIG MISTAKE! Whenever we see business cards or contact info with professionals using a generic email address (e.g.,,, the immediate impression and perception is "Nope. Not Professional. Not Serious. On his or her own. I won't refer business to this person. They can't handle getting a REAL email account, let alone handle my business!"

Same thing goes for the professional who has a REAL email account through their Website URL (e.g. Then when you decide to check out, there is nothing there except a "parking spot" landing page from GoDaddy or some other URL provider. Again, BIG MISTAKE!

This is the first thing that should not be skimped on when starting your own firm. There are sites and templates that you can use and set up for FREE (e.g. All you need to do is buy your URL, pick a template, populate it with your content, and you're good to go. Anything is better than NOTHING

Trust us, you are leaving business on the table by not getting a professional email address and having some information on your Website about your firm! It truly impacts your image.

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