About SucceedOnYourOwn™

Here's who we are and why we created SucceedOnYourOwn™:
  • We are marketing and brand consultants based in California and own Newman Grace Inc.
  • We have consulted with all sizes of law firms, sole proprietors to 200+ attorney firms, for more than 20 years.
  • We have helped these law firms see increased leads, client engagements and hourly billing rates as a result of our teaming with them.
  • We are the creators of the F.O.C.U.S. Branding™ system that helps firms stay on track with their brand image, message and client retention/colleague referral methods.
  • SucceedOnYourOwn™ is the product of repeated requests by small firms and sole proprietors who wanted to grow and increase the revenues of their practices.
  • Many of these attorneys have come from large firms that knew of our work and asked for a program that could be scaled down to work for them at an economical cost.

Our Commitment To You:

We will continue to find and create the tools and methods that will help your firm grow. With technology changing at break-neck speeds, your marketing needs to keep up. We understand the frustration and overwhelming feelings that come with these thoughts. That's why we will continue to keep up for you and let you know about the trends, "Must Do's" and the "Not Immediately Important" aspects of marketing your firm. We hope you enjoy the BUILD YOUR LAW PRACTICE™ program and sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter to keep up-to-date.

About the Author of BUILD YOUR LAW PRACTICE™ Marketing Tool Kit
Brian Hemsworth, MBA, CBC, has been consulting with law firms of all sizes for more than 20 years. He is a marketing strategist and branding expert. With his firm Newman Grace Inc., he has seen an increase demand for marketing of small firms and sole practitioners. And when marketing budgets are tight, these firms need to be efficient and economical with their efforts. 

So, the SucceedOnYourOwn™ Marketing Tools and Systems were born in order to help the small firm and sole practitioner succeed in their marketing efforts from the get-go.

As President of Newman Grace Inc., Brian is the chief marketing officer overseeing brand and marketing strategies for their client list which includes law firms, accounting firms, health/sports/fitness manufacturers, and other service providers. He oversees the marketing for many non-profit clients as well with the Newman Grace entity, Grace Non-Profit Communications (Grace NPC).

Brian has been dubbed the "Executive Marketing Coach" by many clients. He is also the Managing Director of Ares Consulting, the management consulting division of Newman Grace Inc. With Ares Consulting, he works specifically in the areas of competitive strategies, marketing leadership and brand consulting.

Brian holds an MBA from California Lutheran University, isaCertified Business Communicator (CBC) with the Business Marketing Association and is an adjunct faculty member of Pepperdine University.


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