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This Fast Start Process Uses Proven Methods in a Unique Way
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Designed Specifically for Small Firms and Sole Practitioners

Finally—A Marketing Program For Lawyers Who Hate Sales and Selling

Few people in this world truly love selling. And most of the people who do DON'T go to law school. We've worked with attorneys for decades, and one of the universal truths about lawyers is that most don't like "selling."
In fact, most hate sales. Attorney marketing and sales has not been easy for most lawyers...until now.

The SucceedOnYourOwn™ Series for Attorneys is designed for attorneys just like you. No one wants to feel like a used car salesperson, and you shouldn't have to to. The SucceedOnYourOwn™ Series uses a special technique for turning "selling" into "telling" so that prospects won't think you're selling. In fact they'll value what you have to say.

The series contains the same marketing plans and tactics found in our Personal Marketing Program™ developed by brand consulting firm (and our parent company) Newman Grace Inc. Just take a look at a few of the powerful techniques you'll learn in the SucceedOnYourOwn™ Series so that you'll never feel like you're "selling" again:
     • The "M-F-T" Formula for "connecting" with prospects on a deeper level
     • How to go from "know" to "like" to "trust" to "referral"
     • The 3 "Truths" you must tell potential clients to gain their trust
     • 5 marketing "weapons" that will do the selling for you
     • How to "F.O.C.U.S." your practice to create customer demand and increase your hourly billable rate

As you create a differentiated practice, target key clients and referral sources, and learn to energize your message with compelling support, your brand becomes more compelling. The SucceedOnYourOwn™ Series for Attorneys will show you how, as a sole practitioner attorney or small law firm, you can create "brand demand" using the same proven strategies of the world's biggest brands, like Apple, Mercedes-Benz, Coca Cola, and Southwest Airlines.

And best of all, the SucceedOnYourOwn™ Series for Attorneys takes you step by step, is easy to understand, and will show you how you can do it without hiring a law coach or Johnnie-come-lately sales expert!

The Business Development BOOT CAMP™ 
from SucceedOnYourOwn™ is designed to jumpstart an inactive marketing program or get one started where there never was one. Perfect for partners and associates who have little or no experience in marketing, or who simply want to break through to the next level of business development. Sole practitioners as well as individual attorneys within large firms will find this guide a powerful tool for bringing in the business. In this guide, you'll learn:

  • The Case For Marketing—Why It's More Important Than Ever!
  • How To Never "Sell" Again
  • Marketing Basics: What Works, How It Works and Why It Works
  • How To Develop Your Personal Brand
  • How Power Networking Will Help You Get More Clients
  • How To Market With Displays of Knowledge™
  • The Secrets of Leadership Marketing
  • How To Speak Less Yet Say More
  • What Marketing Support You Need In Order To Supercharge Your Efforts
  • PLUS, this guide contains a special section on using Social Networks. In addition, it contains a 12-Month Pro Forma Personal Marketing Plan™.

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The WEB 2.0 Marketing Guide 
from SucceedOnYourOwn™ helps guide attorneys through the mind-spinning world of Online Social Networking. In this guide, you'll learn:

  • SEO Secrets To Help Your Website
  • 7 Ways To Use Social Networking For Business and Business Development! 
  • Which Online Networks You Must Belong To And Which Are A Waste Of Time!
  • 11 Advanced Networking Strategies To Boost Your Personal Brand Online!
  • How To Build A Great Profile Hands-On Training To Jumpstart Your Profile
  • What Twitter Is Good For and What It's Not Good For
  • How To Get A Lot Out Of Your Blog With Very Little Effort
  • Plus our complete and customizable Social Media Marketing Plan 

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Complete Marketing Tool Kit 

from SucceedOnYourOwn™, combines BOTH the Business Development BOOT CAMP™ and the WEB 2.0 Marketing Guide™ along with the ADVANCED MARKETING Tool Kit™ that you can customize for your firm. Here is just a sampling of some of the lawyer marketing secrets you will learn:
  • What Makes A Good Firm Name
  • How To Create A Powerful Firm Brand
  • Why You Need A Powerline
  • The 7 Marketing “Must Haves" For Attorneys
  • How To Use A Simple Website To Drive Inquiries
  • The 1-2 Sales Punch To Get New Business
  • 4 Things Your Website Must Accomplish
  • 3 Copy Points Every Brochure or Website Must Have
  • What To Talk About In Any Networking Situation
And much, much more, including sample marketing collateral!

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The Marketing Plan For the Sole Proprietor Attorney


The SucceedOnYourOwn™ Series for Attorneys is the only marketing program of its kind. What makes it different? Our process is build on the foundation of years of marketing consulting with countless professional services firms. We've tested and tried many different strategies and techniques so you don't have to.

With our program you won't get...


With SucceedOnYourOwn™ you will find...
     • NO hidden costs
     NO expensive contracts
     NO subscription fees
     NO hard selling
     NO long term commitment—except to your own success!

Unlike many programs non-legal professionals have put together, the SucceedOnYourOwn™ Series for Attorneys is easy. We’ve worked with hundreds of lawyers, and we know you’re busy with your law practice. So we made the system easy for you to use. How? Our workbooks are written in simple, short easy-to-follow sections. This makes them:
     • EASY to read
     EASY to follow
     EASY to learn
     EASY to customize
     EASY to succeed

The BUILD YOUR LAW PRACTICE™ Marketing Tool Kit combines the Business Development BOOT CAMP™ and the WEB 2.0 Marketing Guide™ in addition to the ADVANCED MARKETING Tool Kit™. It provides a system that is packed full of plans, tips, tactics and techniques to help you build your firm and client base. In your program workbook you'll find:
     Building The Powerful Law Firm Brand
          A complete guide to naming, differentiating, and creating a brand that can bring in the business!
     Competitive and Client Analysis
          A step-by-step program to assess your competitors, prospects and client base to help focus your firm's marketing efforts!
     Promoting Your Practice
          Your own "marketing mix"; analyzing which techniques work and which don't; putting the pieces together in a plan for success!
     The BUILD YOUR LAW PRACTICE™ Pro Forma Marketing Plan
          Ready for you to "plug and play" or customize to your own needs!
     Special Bonus: A personalized version of our own F.O.C.U.S. Branding™ process to help you create a successful brand!
     Samples, examples, ideas, and action plans
     • And much much more!
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